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At Rivergate Chiropractic we succeed where others fail because we believe that the symptom is not the cause of the problem. Symptoms are just annoying results of not correcting the cause of the problem.

For instance: if the oil light turns on because the oil is low, treating the oil light will not put oil in the engine. The oil light turning on is a symptom and not enough oil is the cause. Put some oil into the engine and the oil light will turn off. Problem solved. Heart Burn is a symptom. A common cause of Heart Burn is not having any Digestive Enzymes in your stomach. It is not a result of having a deficiency in Heart Burn medication. Put some Digestive Enzymes in the stomach and Heart Burn goes away. Problem solved.

Experience Our Care

1st: We Want You To Feel Better As Soon As Possible We will listen to you explain where, when, why, how, and what all of the symptoms you are suffering from and determine what tests to order.

2nd: We Will Find The Cause Of All Of The Symptoms Using state of the art, high-tech body and foot scans and x-rays, as well as static and video posture analysis, Orthopedic and Neurological Testing, and computerized brain wave assessment to determine the true cause of the problem.

3rd: We develop a customized care program to fix the problem(s) We use chiropractic, physical therapy, brain wave balancing using light and sound frequencies, medical weight loss system, and supplementation. You pick the program that works best for you. It will always be your choice.

4th: We Have Years Of Experience Dr. Kenyon has over 18 years of successful practice experience and specialize in finding what is causing the human body to break down and become sick, and then put together a program that will help the body regain optimal health.

5th: We Will Coach You On Your Road To Better Health If you are looking for a healthcare team that will partner with you until you reach your health care goals, then you have found the right place.

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