Why YWTL Exercises?

The object of these exercises is to pull your shoulder blades together as much as possible. Many people develop forward head posture and rounded shoulders after sitting at a desk too long. Here are some simple exercises to prevent and correct poor posture. Hold each pose for a count of five deep breaths, moving directly from one pose to the next. This strengthens the upper back to combat slouching and forward head posture.

Try to do this exercise four times per day or on your breaks.

Y – Lift your arms up in a “Y” shape (with your thumbs pointing backward), pulling your shoulders back without arching your back.

W – From the “Y” position, bring your elbows down until your arms form a “W” shape. This will bring your shoulder blades even closer together (thumbs still pointing back).

T – From the “W” position, straighten your arms so that they are flat out from your shoulders forming a “T.” (Feel the muscles down the center of your upper back contract even more.) Keep your hands flat, palms up.

L – Finally, bring your elbows down from the “T” position so that each arm forms an “L” shape coming out from your body at a 90-degree angle. Keep your palms up. This position will bring your shoulder blades very close together.

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